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Breathing through the 'Midline'

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

The Midline - introduction

The body has few anatomical midline defined zones. Our brain is divided by a midline membrane called falx cerebelli, the septum divides our nostrils, the centre of the diaphragm is active in every breath, and the perineum at the pelvic floor is in the midline zone.

We organise ourselves continually around the line of gravity- the midline.

Cultivating awareness our of midline improves body alignment.

The midline is a well-known symbol of alignment. A geographically imaginary body line that is not anatomical, not visible, yet when present, it promotes ease, clarity and vitality.

In esoteric teachings, taping into the midline opens up an energy channel, which is also a gateway to spiritual growth.

In Chinees martial arts it is called the 'Middle Channel', in yoga it's called Sushumna, in Alexander Technique there is a term called 'Primary Control', the junction that highlights the relationship of the neck, head and back and can organise the system to its midline.

The midline goes through us as if from crown to base, but it doesn't have physical boundaries. As you tune into it, it opens to the infinite. The midline is a channel of energy. When you find it, you can experience a peripheral presence in all directions.

A midline is a place of high resonance, safely available only to the initiates. If opened too soon it can flood the system with uncomfortable currents of mind-body-spirit energy.

How to cultivate midline awareness?

Join our Psycho-Physical Integration course to explore and cultivate Midline presence.

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